STARTING August 9th until November 1st, 2017.

We need you to organize screenings and special events to raise awareness about the Jarawa people and call to sign the petition to keep them safe. 60,000 people have already signed worldwide.

To support the campaign, you can focus on these special dates for your event to maximize the outreach. 


International Day of the world's Indigenous People

August 9th

10th anniversary of the adoption of UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

September 13th

International Day of Democracy,

September, 15th

International Day of Peace,

September, 21th

Indigenous People Day (former Columbus Day),

October, 12th

African-American History Month,

October 2017

"We are Humanity", has already raised a lot of interest among people who care about Human Rights and indigenous issues and the African-American and Latino communities. Our FB page has got 46K followers. One of our last posts has made 1,8 M views, 52K shares and almost 10K likes. We have launched a petition 12 months ago which have made 60,000 signatures.

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Release 2017

Running Time: 90 mins
English Captions

It took us 5 years to complete "We are Humanity". This film is a miracle. This film is very important. We have met the Jarawa people to give them a voice. For the first time, they have decided to talk to the world. It's a cry for help!  They have trusted us. They gave us a mission : convey their message to the world.


Meeting these beautiful souls, we also discovered a world of peace and happiness. The Jarawas are living the same way for 70,000 years. They have kept human values that we had forgotten a long time ago: freedom, respect for nature, gender equality, solidarity... They have decided to stick with love, to be free and happy. This film is their unique testimony.

Making our documentary "We are Humanity", we have tried our best to give you back the incredible experience we have lived with these shinning people. "We are Humanity" will embark you to a journey through time to the origins of humankind. This film has something special, it makes you happy, it makes you feel better. You will be hooked within the first minutes...


Alexandre Dereims, film director, alexandre@organicthejarawa.com

Claire Beilvert, film producer, claire@organicthejarawa.com